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With the pace of everyday life it's so much easier to lose weight at home instead of having to go to a gym or go for a run.
Well there is a way, believe me.
This is true - If you are burning more calories off that you put in, then nothing can be stored as fat.
Sounds easy doesn't it but in practise it's not that easy.
There are plenty of ways to lose weight at home from drinking ice water to drinking soup for weeks on end. This is not good for you and the weight never stays off.
You need to change your metabolism and the only way of doing this is by exercising. Now it doesn't have to be any crazy amount and can be done at home.
The best way of increasing your metabolism is by doing some gentle weight lifting. Before you stop and say NO WAY listen to me for a minute. You aren't going to train in such a way your arms grow twice the size overnight. You want to stoke up your fat burning furnace or better know as your metabolism.
There is a great way of doing this.
I would highly recommend buying some dumbbells. These aren't expensive and it doesn't have to be hard. You could even start off with 2 cans of beans if you really wanted to.
It is a known fact that if you exercise your muscles with weight and you will increase your metabolism. If you do this every day you will leave your metabolism stoked up for hours on end burning your calories off at super speed. This is how to lose weight at home.
Now everyone knows what healthy food is so eat something as soon as you wake to give you energy to set you up for the day. Don't snack between meals and eat 3 times a day. Once you get into this routine and you are exercising at home you will find the weight drop off rapidly. You must say to yourself that you will treat yourself to something once a week. Just do it early in the day so you have chance to burn it off.
Spend half an hour to start with and using your stairs and step up and down them alternating arm curls with the dumbbells or can of beans. Concentrate on your breathing and keep it steady. Get used to this and eventually you'll be able to swap the stairs for a small step and do this in front of the TV. Make sure you concentrate on over exerting your muscles in your arms and legs as these are the muscles that will fire up your fat burning calorie furnace. Work out the larger muscle groups and they will burn calories like no tomorrow.
Make sure that the last part of your routine you tire yourself out so you are out of breath. This will really improve you fat burning furnace - Your metabolism. If you do this first thing in the morning after breakfast you will put your metabolism on overdrive for the day.

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