6 Reasons to Combine Vitamin E With Your Weight Loss Supplement

Today more and more people are searching for a 100% natural whole food supplement to protect their bodies against attacks by free-radicals and oxidants whilst using weight loss pills so as to maximize long-term health benefits as well as longevity of Life.

Extensive research and testing has shown that a good, rich and high potency Vitamin-E capsule, if carefully formulated to deliver the most complete nutrient profile of 100% natural whole foods that its components are stored in your body up to twice as long as synthetically formulated Vitamin E.

There are six reasons why you should use a Vitamin E Plus along with your weight loss pills:

1. It will deliver all 8 members of the powerful vitamin E family of nutrients: the 4 tocopherols and the 4 tocotrienols in nature's own design to obtain more complete protection than just in taking alpha-tocopherol alone.

2. It is a good 100% natural food, which when sourced with pure, cold-pressed and unrefined premium Wheat Germ Oil and a high-potency Soybean extract (Oil) and natural alpha-tocopherol concentrate will optimize good long term health and improve longevity of life when used with your weight loss supplement.

3. It is 100% natural Vitamin E, not a synthetic formulation which has double the potency of lower-cost, petrochemical- based synthetic formulations. Given the choice between natural or synthetic Vitamin E, the results of clinical studies have shown that "the body" - especially the cardiovascular system and major organs - prefer to absorb the 100% natural Vitamin E versus synthetically formulated Vitamin E.

4. It delivers a high potency, power-packed formula of natural alpha tocopherol , plus the beta, gamma and delta tocopherols, as well as the total spectrum of natural trace tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) in every capsule, essential for strengthening the immune system while you are "on- the-road" to achieving your desired weight.

5. Vitamin E that allows Water-mixing technology to take place, rapidly disperses fat-soluble nutrients into small, easy to absorb particles, inclusive of apple pectin and lecithin to improve nutrient absorption.

6. The whole-food-sourced bio available tocopherols exclusive to some Vitamin E Plus exist in a lipid configuration that makes it easy for your body to digest and utilize!

A Good Vitamin E supplement should contain not only 100% natural ingredients but contain all 8 members of the powerful Vitamin E family.

Its nutrients should be lab tested lab tested to validated its purity and potency without any known harmful side effects.

One the best and most potent products on the market that meets the criteria outlined above is GNLD's Vitamin-E Plus supplement. It is 100% pure, natural and is clinically proven to work.
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